Weed in Vir, Croatia

Cannabis Travel Laws Vir Knowing about the weed laws in Vir, Croatia is very essential for visiting smokers. Vir Despite the fact that it is not Croatia’s most popular tourist destination, the people who live there and those who have visited appear to adore it. It offers a charming and off-the-beaten-path getaway. Zadar is only …

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Weed in Split

Weed in Split Where to get weed in Split. After Zagreb, Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. The largest city in Dalmatia and the largest city on the Croatian coast. It lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and is spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings. Cannabis laws Croatia Croatia …

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Weed in Zagreb

Get cannabis in Zagreb Where to Get cannabis in Zagreb.  Every year, nearly a million tourists visit Zagreb, Croatia’s main city. It’s only reasonable that some of those visitors will want to get high while there. So here you have it, our cannabis guide for Zagreb. Cannabis Laws Croatia has lenient marijuana regulations. Small amounts …

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