Weed in ireland

Weed in ireland

Buying cannabis online without a guide is like jumping from a Clift without a parachute, we are here to guide you how to buy cannabis on different parts of the world . 

Weed in Cork

Where to get cannabis in Cork. Cork is Ireland’s second-largest city, after Dublin. Although it is not the largest city, it has its own unique appeal and a vibrant nightlife. Cork isn’t the best spot in the world for cannabis, and it’s often difficult to find if you aren’t a native. Continue reading for a …

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Weed in Limerick

After Dublin and Cork, Limerick is Ireland’s third-largest city. Although it does not have the ideal climate, it has progressively grown in popularity among tourists in recent years. There is a vibrant nightlife in this college town, as well as plenty of marijuana. Visitors may find it difficult, but not impossible, to purchase marijuana. Continue …

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Weed in Dublin

best travel-spots for potheads Best travel-spots for potheads. If you enjoy nightlife, good beer, and a rich history, you’ll most likely plan a vacation to Dublin, Ireland‘s capital. The city is noted for its numerous bars, historic structures such as Dublin Castle and St. Patrick Cathedral, and extensive open spaces. Is there a better way …

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